How to Grow Chops Like a Rock God

With the recent passing of Mr. Motörhead himself, Lemmy Kilmister, we got to thinking the world could use some more mutton chops and other beard and ‘burns styles of the past. If you’re thinking about trying one of these styles for yourself, we have some advice. Not the paint-by-numbers kind. Just some good, sensible advice on how to get started, how to work your way to your own look, and how to keep it looking right once you find it.

Step 1: Prepare the Canvas

This work of art starts with a beard. You’re going to want to grow this one out for about two weeks. It may not be very long, but sometimes a little stubble is all you need to get this look going.

Why grow it out? Why not just grow the ‘burns and shave the rest of your face? Because the full beard is like a blank canvas. It’s something you work with and shape as you figure out just how you want your chops to look, and what works best with your face.

Commit to a shape too early, and you not only risk settling on the wrong look, but you may end up with less natural lines. To assist the growing out period, use any of our Bluebeards Original Savers to ease the itch and soften your stubble.

Neil Young
Neil Young knows that rust never sleeps, and mutton chops will never die.

Step 2: Shape the Chops

Now it’s time to grab your razor and sculpt your chops.  Go big at first, by which we mean shave less than you think you should. The more you shave, the smaller your chops, and the fewer your options for adjusting the look. But have fun with it, and remember: facial hair will grow back, so do what you want!

The Brothers Gallagher
Definitely Maybe sideburns on those raucous Gallagher boys.

Step 3:  Maintain the Chops

You can start to grow these bad boys out as thick or as stubbly and you like.  You are going to want to keep them clean and moisturized so use our Beard Washes and Beard Conditioners to keep them feeling good and looking good, whether you end up keeping the full chops look or opt to maintain a nice set of sideburns.

Prince keeps it as tight as his rhythm section.

We’d love to see what you do with your chops, so hit us up on Facebook and let us have a look.

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7 New Year’s Resolutions for you and your beard

Okay. Now that you’re back to work and rethinking those resolutions, we have some notes on some of the least successful resolutions. Maybe we can help you keep ’em.

Learn Something New

Let’s get this one out of the way. Did you know that a recent study showed peppermint oil may facilitate hair growth? Our Fresh Mint Beard Care line is made with real peppermint oil. Just sayin’.


Alright, well, we can’t help you get there, but when you’re ready to go be sure to pack some Beard Saver, the beard oil alternative. Unlike oil you don’t have to worry about it leaking and leaving a greasy puddle in the bottom of your luggage. And equally portable is the Ultimate Beard Brush, a classic military brush that was designed for men of action.

Be Healthier

What’s healthier than a face free of ingrown hairs and flaky skin? Okay, that’s not a fair question. But that’s certainly healthier than the opposite. We designed our products to deal with these problems so you don’t have to. Let our natural oils and do their work and your face at least will look and feel better.

Quit Smoking

This one’s easy. Grab a Beard Kit Trio. Get that beard smelling and feeling amazing and then ask yourself, “do I want to spoil this?” Caution: May replace nicotene addiction with lime or peppermint oil addiction.

Volunteer & Help Others

One underserved community is that of your bearded brothers. So many suffer needlessly with beard itch, beardruff, and other sad fates. You can volunteer your time and expertise to guide them to a brighter future. And it doesn’t take much: tell someone about Bluebeards Original.

Be More Social

Not that kind of social, but you can do that to. We’re talking about getting out and meeting people. Join a beard club! Trust us. They’re everywhere, and we’ve know a lot of these guys for a long time. They’re good people, and they won’t ask you silly questions, like “when are you gonna shave that thing.”

Drink LessEh, you’re on your own here. But maybe letting that mustache grow will keep you from wanting to dip your whiskers into your lager. Might help.

Let’s see which of these can keep. We believe in you.

7 Quick Tips On Growing & Maintaining A Beard

We know you’ve got a lot on your plate, so we’re here to help you keep that faze fuzz fresh with 7 quick tips on growing and maintaining a beard.

1. Stop Shaving

V0019694 A barber shaving a man who looks extremely fearful. Lithogra Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images A barber shaving a man who looks extremely fearful. Lithograph by L. Boilly after himself. By: Louis-LÈopold BoillyPublished: - Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons Attribution only licence CC BY 4.0

2. Beat the Itch

We know you’re tough enough to get through it, but seriously: it’s an itchy face. You’re not sticking your hands in a pair of bullet ant gloves, so drop the tough guy bit and use a little Beard Saver. It’ll stop the itch, and it’ll also keep your skin clear and moisturized so you don’t get any ingrown hairs of beardruff.

3. We Said Put That Razor Down!

We know you’re tempted right now to start sculpting your beard or clean up the edges. Don’t. Let it grow. Some guys will want to start a beard just before a long weekend or a vacation and do the whole, “I don’t know. I’m thinking of keeping it,” bit. We prefer to just do it and let the haters hate. Your mom and your boss will get over it soon enough. Don’t touch it till you (or a loved one) can run your fingers through it.

4. Keep It Clean

You bathe or take showers, right? Wash under your fingernails and behind your ears? Shampoo your head? Good. So how are you treating your face? Rubbing a bar of soap across your face fuzz just ain’t going to cut it, unless you want to dull and dry out your beard. You need a proper beard wash, which is going to back up your Beard Saver and help you wash out what nature (and your messy eating) keeps putting in.

5. Keep It Under Control

Slow down, wild man, and grab a boar bristle brush every now and then. You can use a comb if you like, but be careful about pulling out hairs. That’s bad news. This isn’t about taking the personality out of your appearance. Your facial hair can benefit from the occasional brushing in a number of ways. Distributing natural oils, removing skin cells and stray hairs, adding shine: the benefits go one. And a boar bristles won’t get tangled in your beard or take out all of the curl.

6. Now About That Neck…

You should have enough hair by now that you can properly call it a beard. Let the sculpting begin (if you’re into that sort of the thing.) But unless your beard is exceptionally long, your neck line will look a little sloppy. If you want to clean it up, go easy. A totally shaved neck not only looks weird (like you’re tracing your jawline to prove you have one), but it’s easy to mess up and impossible to fix. Shave just the bottom edge, on the vertical part of your neck.

7. Treat It Once In A While

wonderb-offer-adAs your beard gets longer and starts being abused by the elements and by excited strangers who can’t keep their hands off it, it may need a little extra care. Just a quick couple minutes in the shower once or twice a week and you can do wonders for your beard’s elasticity and strength. The hero here is Wonder Beard Intensive repair. Let it do it’s job, then rinse and get back out there.

We may be biased, but the best advice we can give is to check out our full line of producs, from beard washes and conditioners that are better than shampoo, to Beard Saver, the original beard oil alternative. From those first growing pains, to keeping fuller growth manageable and smelling great, we’ve been making the products you need since 2005.

Follow us on Twitter at @BluebeardsUSA or check out the Bluebeards Original Facebook page for more beard grooming ideas and advice. And check out the Beard Shop while you’re here!

Top 10 Reasons to Keep Your Beard in Summer

10. Your beard doesn’t make you hot in summer: it makes you hot all year. There’s your summer mantra.

9. Save money on sunscreen. More money for beer. Seriously, your beard can give you 90–95% protection against the sun, and it doesn’t have to be reapplied. The fuller the better!

8. Beards don’t just make you look cool. Physics says your beard makes you feel cooler by absorbing heat from sunlight and convecting it away from the skin.

7. What’s wrong with a little more perspiration, anyway? With a beard’s natural wicking ability, you’re practically walking around with an air conditioner on your face.

6. If you’re one of those pasty dads, you’ll be easier to spot on the beach when your kids bury you up to your neck and go chasing the ice cream vendor with your wallet.

5. Ever get so hot you just don’t want to do anything? Just put down the razor — and relax.

4. Facial hair helps you enjoy the outdoors. True story: your beard and mustache trap pollen that might otherwise get in your nose and trigger allergies (or even asthma).

3. You know when you get so hot you just grab the hose or a glass of water and just soak your head? You know why that works? Evaporation, homes. Now think of how good it’ll feel to take a dip and walk around with the breeze blowing through your face fuzz.

2. Like the fable of the ant and the grasshopper, you want to stock up — on whiskers — so you have plenty to stay warm through the cold winter (and give someone else a reason to want to get closer).

1. Because you’re still a man, aren’t you?

So now that you’re keeping it, keep it clean and fresh with Bluebeards Original. We’ve been in this business since 2005, before the other guys were old enough to grow beards. We specialize in high quality, natural beard care accessories that will tame the wildest and most unruly facial hair growths.

We take pride in our products and use them ourselves. Follow us on Twitter at @BluebeardsUSA or check out the Bluebeards Original Facebook page for more beard grooming ideas and advice. And check out the Beard Shop while you’re here.