Seven Beards So Icy Your Face Will Hurt

It’s gettin’ cold out there, so we thought we’d snag some of the best frozen face fuzz we could find. This’ll make you appreciate that warm, cozy spot in front of your monitor (or wherever you’re huddled with your mobile device). Just remember, if this happens to you, be sure to treat your beard right with a little BBO TLC.

First up is this gem found on Tumblr. We like how his beard could easily be mistaken for a shrub frozen over in a winter storm:

Lang Leve de Baard



Bonus points to these speed skaters both for keeping up at their age and for the ice beards that perfectly blend into their white face fuzz:




This is one dude you know was just working hard and earned his ice. This ain’t no hipster posing:

Blizzard of December 26-27,2010



Next we have some winter sports (post) action with a bit of a noticeable wind swept effect across the beard:




Last but certainly not least it’s a twofer with Tormund Giantsbane and Mance Rayder, because Winter is not only coming: it’s already here. Here are the two cats who could use the use the full range of Bluebeards Original beard care, for everything from stubble to full beards.


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